Kick-off of the two projects funded by the AICS call for proposal “Affidato”: WE WORLD/GVC and COSPE undertake to enhance women’s economic empowerment and to promote women’s participation in public life in Palestine

Jerusalem, January 15th 2020 – Two agreements concerning the implementation of the program “AMAL: Human Rights and Gender Equality” have been signed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – AICS and the Italian civil society organizations WE WORLD/GVC and COSPE, that will be leading two different three-year development projects with a total budget of €1.350.000,00 in the framework of the first call for proposal “Affidato” published by AICS Jerusalem.

“We Change”, implemented by WE WORLD/GVC in partnership with OVERSEAS, and “Women and Democracy”, implemented by COSPE in partnership with EDUCAID, will be both focused on women’s rights and the enhancement of their skills. “We Change” looks at fostering economic empowerment through the pivotal role of workshops, conferences, training for businesswoman, market analysis in the field of Palestinian art/artistic production and the exchange of good practices; “Women and Democracy” will be closely working with the civil society to promote women’s political involvement and participation in the public life, with a particular focus on women’s rights, feminism and gender equality.

With a total budget of €4 million and the involvement of both the Ministry of Education and the Palestinian Public Prosecutor’s Office, AMAL aims at supporting local institutions and CSOs in promoting gender equity, gender equality and human rights.  Three are the outcomes AMAL is heading towards: (I) Promoting gender equality, fostering women economic empowerment and employment opportunities in Palestine; (II) Promoting women’s participation in the public life; (III) Promoting and strengthening gender equality and human rights in Palestine.

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