Gaza reconstruction

The project contributes to the process of housing post-conflict recovery and reconstruction in the aftermath of 2014 conflict in Gaza which caused the demolition of 11.000 housing units, the severe damage of additional 6.500 units and the displacement of more than 1000.000 people.

The initiative has promoted a participate community-centered planning process to reconstruct more than 200 housing units in Al Nada neighborhood and to support the rehabilitation of 281 apartments  through a self-help mechanism. The action includes a comprehensive rehabilitation of Al Nada environmental infrastructure and the design and functionalization of its open spaces. AICS and the specialized professionals involved in the design process has shown a strong commitment  to adopt passive and active energy conservation strategies in the proposed layout of urban blocks and buildings.

In the framework of the project, following a specific request of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, AICS is funding the reconstruction of the 17 floors residential tower known as Italian Mall located in the center of Gaza City.

Community house reconstruction in the Gaza Strip