AICS GerusalemmeItalian Humanitarian AID Programme 2018-2019 I ENG (side A)
Italian Humanitarian AID Programme 2018-2019 I ENG (side B)
AICS GerusalemmeChef del Futuro: ricette toscane e palestinesi allo specchio | ITA-ARA2019
Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo SviluppoRapporto Annuale 2018 | ITA
WIN - Welfare Improvement NetworkWorkshop Positive Deviance Adaptive Leadership - Day 1 | ENG
Workshop Positive Deviance Adaptive Leadership - Day 2 | ENG
AA. VV.4 articles about Adaptive Leadership and Positive Deviance | ENG2002, 2005, 2010, 2013
AICS Gerusalemme
Marco Giallonardi, Mohammed Amous
A journey through the Italian Humanitarian AID Programme in Palestine | ENG2018
UN WOMENAssessment of the services of anti-violence centres and shelters in Palestine | ENG2018
AICS GerusalemmeBrochure 2018 | ENG2018
AICS GerusalemmeI diritti nella Cooperazione | ITA2018
AICS Gerusalemme/ Gail GosschalkA journey through the AICS Humanitarian Programme in Palestine | ENG2017
AICS GerusalemmeGender & WASH Toolkit for Palestine | ENG-ARA2017
AICS Relazione annuale AICS 2017 | ITA2017
Autorita Nazionale PalestineseNational policy Agenda 2017 - 2022 | ENG2017
EU Rep per i Territori PalestinesiEuropean Joint Strategy Palestine 2017 -2020 | ENG2017

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