health care

Italy is currently lead donor for the Health sector in the framework of the European Union Joint Programming, that in 2017 officially launched its first document. The Italian commitment allowed to achieve relevant results for the enhancement of the Palestinian Health sector, including hospitals’ networking, the delivery of quality primary care services and the institutionalization of a Central Lab for Public Health.

Thanks to a well-structured programme in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, for a total commitment of 20 million euro, AICS Jerusalem is supporting the prevention and the control of non-transmissible chronic diseases, the community mental health and the disability programme, emergency services and vocational training for the hospitals personnel, awareness and health education campaigns for primary and secondary prevention, in addition to an infrastructural intervention to primary care services and the supply of medicines and equipment. This group of activities are implemented through the funding of three different programmes: POSIT (2014), CRONO (on-going) and RING (at its onset).

AICS Jerusalem contributes also to the multi-donor Programme PEGASE (Palestino-Européen de Gestion de l'Aide Socio-Economique), aiming at sustaining the running costs of the six Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem, and to the development of the Hebron’s hospitals networking through a soft loan credit line (10 million euro) and on the multilateral channel to the improvement of the health system in partnership with WHO (World Health Organization) as well as to the provision of basic health services in Gaza with UNRWA (the SAGA project).

The new Dura Hospital, Hebron's Governorate, will be finished in 2020.