Two-day training for Palestinian officials on the Rights of People with Disabilities

Jericho, December the 18th 2019 – A two-day training is under way for officials from the Ministry of Social Development and key stakeholders of the Palestinian civil society to strengthen their ability to protect the Rights of People with Disabilities through procedures and regulations. In particular, definition of disability and its legislative framework will be addressed, but also the analysis of barriers to the enjoyment of the Rights of People with Disabilities within development projects, the overcoming of the exclusion rhetoric, the definition of inclusive development and much more.

The training is conceived according to an approach that combines the development of recommendations with practical exercises for the integration of people with disabilities and related issues within the daily action of the various organizations involved.

The initiative is part of the work started in 2019 for the effective inclusion of people with disabilities in Palestine, following the affirmative action perspective, within the framework of the AICS project “PADIS- Promoting accessibility to social and health services and social inclusion of people with disabilities“.

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