Protecting gender-based violence victims in Palestine during Covid-19 pandemic outbreak

Jerusalem, April 28, 2020 – Thanks to the coordination work delivered by AICS Jerusalem, as EU lead donor in Gender equality, local partners committed in combating gender-based violence “virtually” gathered yesterday, such as Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC), Ministries of Health, Women’s Affairs and Social Development, along with representatives of antiviolence network supported by AICS in the last decade.

This meeting allowed to arrange a shared proposal, submitted yesterday by the Ministry of Social Development and approved by the Prime Minister Cabinet, in order to solve working difficulties faced by antiviolence center and shelters that offer protection services to GBV victims in the West Bank and Gaza. Situation is hard, since Covid-19 outbreak is concealing different health issues while requiring social restrictions and distances, that are putting in threat daily work in the center. Several cases of women incapable to reach these places have been reported, without a clear procedure to respect quarantine period safely before check-in.

Hopefully this initial approval will provide the personnel working at the center with proper tools to face this emergency and continue in the relevant work to protect GBV victims in Palestine.


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