AICS and Public Prosecution for Palestinian minors best interest

Ramallah, February 12th 2020 – Relevant achieved results and new objectives to safeguard Palestinian minors have been discussed between AICS Jerusalem Director Cristina Natoli and the Palestinian General Prosecutor Mr. Akram Al-Khatib.

The new Italian project IN YOUR INTEREST, focused on budget supports to Ministry of Social Development and Public Prosecution and activities in partnership with UNICEF in Gaza and Italian civil society organizations, means to protect minor’s best interest, as in conflict with the Law as at risk to break the law, through a prevention and rehabilitation work within schools, families, judicial authorities and social services.

Cristina Natoli highlighted the good results accomplished during previous projects implemented by the Public Prosecution and reiterates full support for the implementation of IN YOUR INTEREST.

The General Prosecutor thanked AICS for the invaluable support provided to the Juvenile Justice and Family Protection Departments, mentioning the crucial awareness effort to persuade Palestinian public opinion that a minor in conflict with the Law is a victim, not a perpetrator, which needs support to be rehabilitated in the society.

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