3 new development projects for the The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – Jerusalem Office

Jerusalem, November 19, 2019 – The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Jerusalem is glad to complete a 2019 full of accomplishments and satisfactions with the official approval by the Italian Joint Committee for Development Cooperation of 3 new development projects to be implemented in 2020.

In Your interest – Protection and promotion of the best interest of the child in Palestine aims at improving the juvenile justice system and strengthening the social protection system to guarantee the full exercise of the rights of children. In particular, the project includes three components aiming at (I) Improving the capacities of Palestinian institutions to elaborate, implement and monitor customized projects to rehabilitate and reintegrate minors in contact with the law in the society; (II) Enhancing the community-based prevention mechanisms for children at risk, through the development of a protective environment and the involvement of local CSOs; (III) Incrementing the access to child protection services, including structured psycho-social support, for vulnerable children and families, especially those affected by the Gaza fence crisis.

The initiative will be funded by AICS for a total amount of 4,937,000 Euro, including a component entrusted to a CSO/Consortium of CSO through the modality of Affidato, a budget support to the Public Prosecution Office and the Ministry of Social Development for € 1,760,000.00 and a multi-bilateral component to be implemented by UNICEF for an amount of € 900,000.

POP – Post Emergency Palestine is a new kind of project according with the NEXUS approach for protracted humanitarian crisis in Palestine, linking humanitarian to development interventions in order to achieve medium and long-term results. This post-emergency initiative will be managed through a call for proposal system open to non-profit organizations, such as CSOs and other Palestinian entities.

The budget of the Call for Proposals will be divided into two geographical lots: (I) Gaza Strip and (II) Area C, East Jerusalem and H2 for 3 different 2-years projects and a total amount of 3,590,000 EURO.

Be the impact: the cooperative system and social entrepreneurship as vehicles for inclusive and sustainable development will work on three levels of intervention in order to (I) assist the newly established Palestinian Cooperative Work Agency (CWA) to enhance the institutional and regulatory framework of the cooperative system in Palestine; (II) support the General Union of Cooperatives as well as the sectoral unions, in order to strengthen the intermediate bodies between the CWA and the cooperatives; (III) support specific cooperatives with customized “pilot projects”.

The project will also disseminate international best practices and lessons learnt in the domains of cooperatives and social entrepreneurship, contributing to build and consolidate a cooperative culture in Palestine.

The financial composition foresees a budget support component to CWA (365.000 euro) and a call for proposal (Affidato) for CSOs activities (1,038,000 euro) and a multi-bilateral support to the International Labour Organization (1,500,000 euro).

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