Risks and opportunities of the in vitro fertilization thanks to two workshops in Ramallah and Gaza

Ramallah, December the 19th 2019 – The project PROMOTING SEXUAL HEALTH AND REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS IN PALESTINE marks a new and important result with the presentation of a detailed study on in vitro fertilization during two different moment in Gaza and in the West bank.

The issue of fertility and the pressure related to conception that Palestinian women are subjected to immediately after marriage is a social and health issue nowadays. For this reason, the study, apart from drawing the attention on the benefit that the in vitro fertilization pathway allows, also points out the gender perspective within which this opportunity should be framed, in order to adequately inform Palestinian women about the ways, times and physical and psychological consequences that therapy entails, as well as the limited chances of success. The data presented by the study shows how much the network of centers in the West Bank and Gaza, consisting in 20 facilities, does not allow to offer services up to the demand, and at the same time denounces the high costs of therapies, main obstacle to their diffusion.

Thanks to the active participation of the Palestinian Minister of Health and the Representatives of the academic world and the Palestinian civil society, the workshops allowed to identify the ways of improvement for both the available services and the awareness raising process throughout the communities.


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