Relevant progresses for the Al-Nada neighborhood reconstruction project in Gaza

Gaza, April 15th 2019 – A new phase in the Al-Nada neighborhood reconstruction process started in the last weeks, as specific objective of the Italian project launched in 2015 according with the damages occurred in 2014 and the Italian pledge at Cairo conference in 2014.

Thanks to a 15 million euro credit line and a 1,5 million grant component, Italian Cooperation is currently overseeing the reconstruction works and the successful on-going results. Al-Nada community, beneficiary of the reconstruction and partner in the planning process, demonstrated satisfaction for these accomplishments and big gratitude for the Italian commitment.

The intervention works on three different levels: light, 17 buildings where people continued to live in and that benefitted by light repairs at doors or windows; new, demolished buildings due to their bad conditions and completely rebuilt; seriously damaged, 4 buildings tha t the community decided to maintain and that will be repaired on a structural level thanks to the ability developed by Palestinians experts to work with the available raw materials.


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