Graduation ceremony for students in a “hospitable” Bethany

Today in Bethany, during the closing ceremony for the accomplished art and mosaic courses and the graduation of the trainees withing the project “Hospitable Bethany: sustainable tourism to support the local societies” which is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and carried out by Mosaic Centre Jericho in cooperation with ATS pro Terra Sancta association in the area of Bethany.

Today, with the official attendance of the director of the Italian Cooperation Mrs Cristina Natoli Carabba, the director of Mosaic Centre Jericho and representative of A.T.S association in the West Bank Mr Osama Hamdan, the director of Education Office in East Jerusalem Mr. Bassam Tahboub, representative of Al-Quds University Dr. Ibraheem Abu A’mar, representative of Bethany Municipality Dr. Musa Khateeb, director of Shorooq Women Association Mrs Fatima Faroun, the director of Alhamawi Educational Center Mr Luic Lavlet, the director of Almasharee’ School of Bethany Mrs Jamila Khanafseh and the representative of the Industrial Islamic Orphans School of Bethany Mrs Rania Ayoub Abo Osbaa.

In his word, Mr Osama Hamdan thanked all the participating associations in Bethany who help for the success of the project in and assured on the good relation with them all for the development of Bethany in the educational, archaeological, arts, historical fields. Also, in her remark, Mrs Cristina Natoli Carabba mentioned the importance that played by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation through the funded projects in West Bank and Gaza Strip to enhance the Palestinian cultural heritage and raise in the Palestinian economy through the accomplished projects within the Palestinian societies.

Through this stage of the project, we have targeted three schools and organized two mosaic and one art courses for 45 students,as we are still organizing field trips for the school children of Bethany to the historical and archaeological sites in Bethany.

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